Whatever your real estate holdings – residential, commercial or industrial – we can work with you to improve function and maximise your property investment or corporate image. We have the expertise and flair to can make any room, whatever it is used for, feel welcoming and luxurious.

This is a process that goes beyond appearances – it’s about bringing out the full potential of interior space to better meet the requirements of the occupants. The result is more aesthetically pleasing, but it is also more ergonomic and creates a better way to use the space.


Renaissance Design & Décor offers a unique range of services: we operate a boutique studio where customers can see décor and design elements for themselves (along with catalogues and fabric swatches). We can accompany our clients on buying trips to select Metro Vancouver showrooms, and are able to complete any remodelling work through our in-house team of experienced tradespeople. We also offer a flexible gift option, the Renaissance Custom Package of Design.


Your home is both your biggest investment and the place where you spend most of your time. Money spent wisely on real estate always pays off – it is more enjoyable to live there, and worth more when the time comes to sell.


Renaissance Design & Décor offers top quality design ideas, exceptional craftsmanship and practical knowledge to provide our valued clients with exciting and original results.

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Renaissance Design & Décor can transform any type of property.

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Interior design is the art of making living and working space beautiful and functional.