About Us

Renaissance Design & Décor, led by interior design consultant Marjorie Wood, has had more than a decade of professional success. We can transform any room, or an entire property, making it a better place to live and work – and an easier one to sell.

The design process requires the ability to think in three dimensions, visualising how disparate elements come together to create a unified, complete environment that meets the needs of homeowners or property managers. Marjorie has the vision to ‘see’ the final result, the technical know-how to be able to achieve this, and an eye for detail.

Majorie has worked in design her entire career, with a variety of experience that adds to her strength as an interior designer. As a child, her fascination with drawing, painting, sewing and crafts led her to training in commercial art, and then employment with signage and screen printing companies. She later became a professional film and television make-up artist. Marjorie also provided services as a sales consultant in the custom furniture field.


It’s these transferable skills that make her the leading interior designer she is today.

Majorie is also noted in the industry for work that stands the test of time – her speciality is creating classic designs that can be updated to keep up with changing fashions by simple (and relatively inexpensive) process of replacing accents and décor.

Renaissance Design & Décor offers more than the average interior design company.

We are proud to operate a boutique studio at our Vancouver location – viewable by appointment only – where we showcase elegant accessories. We also carry the full range of product catalogues, fabric swatches, paint samples, carpet samples, window covering samples, countertop, tiles, moulding and baseboard options.

We have our own in-house, highly experienced team of tradespeople through the contracting side of the business who can perform any remodelling or re-decorating, which means our customers can deal with just the one company from the start through to the completion of the project, saving them time and money. We also have our own fully equipped-workshop to prepare off-site builds for cabinetry and other custom furnishing or finishing requirements.

Renaissance Design & Décor also offers gift certificates for products or services.

We can create customized design boards required on commercial projects and for stata councils that need to make presentations to stakeholders.

We have our own in-house, highly experienced team

Our customers deal with just the one company, saving time and money.

The most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.