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The Renaissance Transformation

Houses, condos, offices…wherever you live or work. And no matter what the use of the room(s) in question — living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, outdoor rooms, patios or commercial space — Renaissance Design & Décor can maximise style and function.

We will listen to your needs to produce a concept that fits your budget and usage. We have an eye for detail, and we start every project free of preconceived ideas or overbearing design philosophies – our job is to make sure the living space reflects the personalities, lifestyle and interests of the occupants. And we will save you time and money by getting the project completed promptly and to your specifications.

Renaissance Design & Décor creates classic rooms that remain stylish for years – but can be refreshed to keep up with changing fashions by replacing accents. The secret is to ensure the larger, more expensive items are timeless classics, with the eye-catching accessories being updated as required

Our design services include:

checkmark Paint color consultations
checkmark Concept development
checkmark Custom furniture selection
checkmark Accessorizing and display
checkmark Custom window coverings
checkmark Space planning and room layouts

checkmark Design concepts and sample boards
checkmark Organizational solutions
checkmark Carpet and area rug selection
checkmark Personal shopping assistance
checkmark Contractor guidance / project management

checkmark Staging and redesign ideas
checkmark Material and finishing selection
checkmark Gift certificates offering customized products or services
checkmark Renovations, building, millwork, flooring, tile, lighting, hardware and fixtures

We also offer “Renaissance Package of Design” gift certificates for personalized combinations of services or products. This could be for a home evaluation and colour consultation, or a furniture space plan and accessory consultation, or it could be for items available in our boutique studio. The flexibility of this option makes it an ideal gift.

How we work

services-01Interior design consultant Marjorie Wood starts the process with consultation meetings during which she listens to the occupants/owners to determine their taste and usage needs

Typically, this initial consultation takes two hours. It’s a wide-ranging discussion of time-tested design concepts, applied to the space and the owners’ requirements and budget. Marjorie will consider various elements of design, considering the existing structure and architectural aspects, and the floor plan for furniture layout or for assessing updates for renovations. This will be finalized over subsequent meetings.

After measuring the room, she prefers to accompany clients on furniture-buying trips, which helps cut through the confusion of choice and gives her the chance to explain which pieces physically fit and also aesthetically match the design vision. As anyone who has ever bought furniture that doesn’t fit can tell you, making the wrong choice can be expensive. In addition, Marjorie is usually able to negotiate discounts on larger items.

Often, we determine that the desired look can be achieved by refreshing the existing furnishings, either re-upholstering or-refinishing.

Renaissance Design & Décor’s clients also experience a prompt and inspiring process for determining the décor and accents – finishing touches that make a room look stylish and unified. Marjorie can show clients around Renaissance’s boutique studio, which presents at at-a-glance view of their various option: designs, colours, material swatches, accessories and décor items.

When finalizing the design, Marjorie typically works with select pieces of people’s existing furniture, accessories and artwork – which may have particular sentimental or financial value. She adds to these key components to create a unified theme.

Custom means choice

services-02Some clients opt for just an initial consultation and work through the design plan themselves, contracting out any renovation work themselves and finding their own furniture and accessories. Others like to work with Marjorie on the planning and buying. Some choose major items from catalogues and leave the purchasing up to us.

A large part of our business is working with clients who are downsizing. We start by producing a realistic impression of the space they are moving into, and then discuss what furnishings and key pieces should be moved to the new location, and what should be dispensed with. This is a stressful time, but we have the experience to take out the uncertainties of such a move.

Renaissance Design & Décor has an experienced crew of tradespeople that can handle any remodelling, which means we can see the project through to completion. Another service we offer is re-design and staging for both homeowners and real estate agents.

And for those client’s outside of Vancouver, we offer online consulting services.

Renaissance Design & Décor gives you more options than the typical interior design company. Tell us what you need.

We transform people’s built environment.