Renaissance – it’s about transformation.

The Renaissance Group is a Metro Vancouver property specialist, offering a complete package of options to maintain or transform any type of real estate.

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Our interior design service, Renaissance Design & Décor, can make any living or working space harmonious and functional. We produce classic, stylish design work that meets clients’ needs and will last for years – but can be refreshed with a few quick, affordable accessory updates.

Marjorie Wood, Interior Designer
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The heart of the business is Renaissance Contracting, which can perform any renovation or maintenance work. We are known for completing projects on budget, within the deadline, and without inconveniencing clients – our customers mostly have customers of their own.

Chuck Strautman, Project Manager
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The Renaissance Group works for homeowners and property managers, completing projects for private, commercial and industrial users. We have a highly experienced workforce of tradespeople managed by business principals Marjorie Wood and Chuck Strautman, along with Trevor Bath, and also a substantial workshop for off-site construction and our own studio where you can see examples of our work. For more information, visit Renaissance Design & Décor and Renaissance Contracting and Facility Maintenance.